Humor Rules

We at Humor Wins know the power of comedy… as long as you do not offend.

When working with clients for Atlanta’s Funniest Real Estate Professional we¬†apply these Humor Rules:

  1. Keep it above the belt
    – Sexual jokes could run someone the wrong way
  2. Stay away from religion and politics
    – Nobody is as smart as you and your facebook friends
  3. Stay away from unsafe subjects
    – ex: ISIS, Genocide, NASCAR
  4. Stay away from drug references
    – You might think two DUIs is funny, but Human Resources does not
  5. Do not make fun of any one group or group of people
    – Especially the Germans… they have taken on the world twice and almost won

    As you can see, we take steps to make sure that the content is non-offensive because we want everyone to have a great time.